Egg hunting

My cat, Wasabi, enjoyed Easter Egg Hunt.


He found all of eggs I hid.




He is very proud of himself.


He successfully cracked one of them and got some treats.


Good job, Wasabi!



Japan Rail Pass

If you need to travel at least 2 times with an average 3 hours train ride, Japan Railway Pass saves your money.


Japan Railway Pass for 7 days: $243.00 (¥29,110)

Total price I traveled for 7 days: ¥ 100,060

I saved ¥100,060 – ¥29,110 = ¥70,950 ($592.28) with a 7-day JR Pass.

JR Rail Pass provides access to all train lines operated by Japan Railways throughout Japan.   You can also ride on the bullet train with this pass!!

2 Doilies and Watermelon sorbet

Blue Rose doily

Measures: 10  inches

Main Color: White

Color of Flowers: Delft (Center of Flowers: Violet)

Color of Leaves: Frosty Green

Made with 100% cotton thread / size 10


Cats with Shaded Pink Flowers

Measures: 15 ½  inches (longest)  X 14 ½  inches (shortest)

Main Color: White

Color of Flowers: Shaded Pink (Center of Flowers: Victory Red)

Color of Leaves: Frosty Green

Made with 100% cotton thread / size 10

Homemade Watermelon Sorbet

Adding the watermelon to your blender or food processor.  Blend it into a smooth mixture.  (If the watermelon purée is not enough sweet, you can add sugar.)

Pour the watermelon purée into a container and freeze for 3 to 4 hours.  Break up the frozen purée by the food processor or just shave the frozen purée by ice cream scooper.

Checking stitches

 Let me see it.

 You missed one dc stitch here, again!

 This is no good!

Wasabi always checks my crochet works.  Thanks Wasabi!

Cats in the Pink Rose Garden & Bundt Cake

Here is an another cat pattern doily.

I also like baking and cooking.   This morning I baked a choco marble bundt cake w/ rum syrup for today’s tea time.  Now my kitchen is filled with sweet smells.

My Tatting Shuttle

I love this tatting shuttle because this has a hook at one end and removable bobbin.