Egg hunting

My cat, Wasabi, enjoyed Easter Egg Hunt.


He found all of eggs I hid.




He is very proud of himself.


He successfully cracked one of them and got some treats.


Good job, Wasabi!



Cat in a Flower Basket

Measures:  approx. 14 1/4 inches

Main Color: White

Color of Flowers: Shaded Pink

Color of Leaves: Frosty Green

Color of Baskets: Goldenrod

Color of Cats: White

Made with 100% cotton thread / size 10

This is my original design. 

Currently Sale on the eBay auction (7/22 – 7/29)

Cats with Shaded Purple Flowers


— Cats with Shaded Purple Flowers —

Measures: 16 inches (longest) X 13 ½ inches (shortest)

Main Color: WhiteColor of Flowers: Shaded Purples (Center of Flowers: Violet)

Color of Leaves: Frosty GreenMade with 100% cotton thread / size 10

— Now this doily (Item # 261047601237) and other 4 doilies are on sale at eBay auction —

June 17, 2012 – June 24, 2012

Checking stitches

 Let me see it.

 You missed one dc stitch here, again!

 This is no good!

Wasabi always checks my crochet works.  Thanks Wasabi!