Shaded Pink Roses

Shaded Pink Roses

Measures: 19 inches

Main Color: White

Color of Flowers: Shaded Pink

Color of Leaves: Forest Green

Made with 100% cotton thread / size 10


Pattern from “Crochet Pineapple Garden Doilies” designs by Maggie Petsch Chasalow 

Published by House of white Birches 


6 thoughts on “Shaded Pink Roses

  1. this is amazing! do you follow patterns or just wing it? one of these days i’m going to sit down and try doing this!

  2. Lovely! Like you I’m sure! Thanks for sharing I love looking at them. My grandmother made a lot of dollies too. I miss her and you help bring back beautiful memory.

  3. Wow, incredible work. My hands will not let me do thread work. I think I have too much tension for tiny hooks. It makes my hands hurt. I have that much more admiration for beautiful creations like this.

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