Cats in the Pink Rose Garden & Bundt Cake

Here is an another cat pattern doily.

I also like baking and cooking.   This morning I baked a choco marble bundt cake w/ rum syrup for today’s tea time.  Now my kitchen is filled with sweet smells.


6 thoughts on “Cats in the Pink Rose Garden & Bundt Cake

  1. hmmm bundt cake 🙂 Your doily also looks very pretty. I like the roses. Do you work them separately and attach them?

      • I was wondering, because I was looking at a doily pattern book at Michaels and I was just blown away with the instructions, guess because I’m still a novice with doilies. I’ve been looking at some really pretty ones, but when I get down to working the pattern, the pattern has a lot of errors 😛 What I get for getting it online I suppose.

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