My Tatting Shuttle

I love this tatting shuttle because this has a hook at one end and removable bobbin.


7 thoughts on “My Tatting Shuttle

    • I bought this shuttle w/ bobbin at Michaels(Craft store). They don’t sale bobbins only, but you can purchase removal bobbins online from Jo-ann craft store. I only have 2 shuttles, but I just change a bobbin when I want to tat something else other than current doily. So I don’t need many shuttles. Also it is very convenient if the shuttle has a hook at one end when you connect loops.

    • Tatting is a series of knots and loops. I learned how to tat from YouTube. Yes! it looks very delicate lace. Meybe I like tatting doilies more than crocheted doilies;-)

  1. I tried to tatt once, but I decided it would be easyer to watch someone mean I’m learning but I do no know anyone who tatty. I was blessed when my grand mother sat me down at the age of 5 and tought me to crochet. I think I can do it in my sleep now. Just love tatters lace

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